• Шайба за хокей Gufex Senior Official

Шайба за хокей Gufex Senior Official

  • Производители GUFEX
  • Модел: MASkarD-01
  • 299 лв.

- Hockey puck - senior official Gufex - Диаметър: 75 mm - Height: 25 mm - Weight: 170 g - Official IIHF размер и weight - Цвят: black Official playing pucks Gufex are made of high quality rubber compound, which had been developing for several години. Its unique composition ensures the pucks low degree of abrasion while maintaining high flexibility. Thanks to these characteristics the pucks donґt stain the boards и as the only one in the world not break the plexiglass even at the speed of 180 km /h, which was proven by a Finnish company that manufactures ice hockey boards и plexiglass.



Етикети: Шайба за хокей Gufex Senior Official, MASkarD-01

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